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  • New Internationalized School Running Measures were implemented at JUFE

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    At the very beginning of this semester, JUFE made a new exploration on its internationalized school running mode. Under the joint efforts of International Office of Cooperation and Exchange and Academic Affairs Office, nine full English courses exclusively for overseas exchange students and ISEP exchange students became selectable to all JUFE’s Chinese students at the first time, such as International Business, Investment Principles, Theories and Policies of China's Economic Growth and Corporate Finance, which finally made the multicultural class mode become real at JUFE.



    According to the new policy, around 20 to 30 students could take each course, this new measure not only changed the atmosphere stagnant of the class due to the small number of exchange students, but also boosted the carrying out of various teaching activities. Usually, students worked in groups composed by two foreign students and one Chinese student to discuss different questions, and to finish the assignment. After one-month implementation, both teachers and students all spoke highly of this new measure. Teachers felt more energetic to organize various teaching activities, foreign students said that attending to the courses along with Chinese students is effective for learning, communication and cultural exchange. What’s more, it is a very good platform for Chinese students who intend to study at abroad, because they can obtain professional knowledge, enhance their English level, experience the English-taught teaching mode.



    In recent years, JUFE has vigorously promoted its internationalized education, generated new ideas, introduced new measures. One of the most important contents is to strengthen the internationalized course construction on the content, the mode and the teaching language.