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  • Saihna Won the Championship in the 5th Provincial Chinese Competition for Foreign Students

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  • The 5th Provincial Chinese Competition for Foreign Students finally concluded on November 12th in Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The competition has lasted for one and a half month.



    In the final of top 10, Mongolian girl Saihna from JUFE ranked first in the competition with her proficient Chinese language andoutstanding stage performances. Another Ukrainian girl Kate from JUFE ranked 7th and won the third prize. JUFE was awarded several prizes including theprize for the best organization, the first prize of the instructors and the third prize of the instructors. It has been the best record JUFE achieved since participating in the competition for past five years.



    The 5th Provincial Chinese Competition for Foreign Students has a theme of “Dream in China, Love with Jiangxi”. Promoting Jiangxi’s characteristics of “red” army history, “green” ecological environment and “antique”local culture, the competition aimed at stimulating all foreign students to learn Chinese well, understand Jiangxi better and love Jiangxi and China more. (Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Tang Jianren, Provincial Education Department Director Ye Ren-sun presented and watched the final of the competition.)



     Top 10 in the final were selected among 50 foreign students from 17 colleges and universities of Jiangxi province in the semi-final. The final has three parts: “performance in antique”, “knowledge in green” and “stories in red”. Everycontestants used their own way to translate antique in Chinese flavor. They performed Beijing opera, sang Chinese songs and did Chinese classic dance, etc.

     In the first part, Kate combined Chinese dance and poetry with the local culture of Jiangxi together, depicting a fantastic scene of antique ink painting in Jiangxi;



    Moreover, performing a graceful “blue-and-white” dance, Saihna made her own way telling her understanding of the traditional Chinese porcelain. With her elegant and charming pace, she impressed all the audience, obtained the highest score and successfully entered into the top 6.



    In the second part--Knowledge in green--the competition required the participants to read and answer a question. Although problems of tea culture are very not easy, all the foreign students did their best and correctly finished all the questions. In this part, Saihnaread three paragraphs on Westlake tea, smoothly and fluently and anwer the question correctly. This granted her the ticket to challenge the champion.



    In the last session-- “stories in red”, Saihna narrated a true story of grandma Chi waiting for her husband for more than 70 years before the victory of the Red Army. Her saying of the story moved everyone present and helped her got the highest overall score.



    JUFE always attached great importance to the Chinese Competition for Foreign Students, treating it as a sufficient standard to exam the level of oversea education. What’s more, JUFE has made progress every year and becomes the biggest winner this year. Breakthroughs made this year can’t be achieved without the hard work of all the participating teachers, students and staff in JUFE. Through this competition, oversea education in JUFE appears to enter a new phase.