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  • JUFE Academic Calendar for 2017-2018 II

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    For International Students (degree)Only



    1. Teachers and staffs start work on Mar.3rd. Students register from Mar.3rd to 4th. Formal class begins on Mar.5th. The whole semester is 16 weeks. Classes end after Jun.22nd. The final review and test week are from Jun.23rd to 24th. Test week is from Jun.25th to Jul.5th (The first major)

    2.Postgraduate students register on Mar.9th.  Formal classes begin on Mar.12th.  There are 16 weeks totally. Classes end after Jun.29th. The  final review and test week are from Jul.2nd to 6th.

    3.Apr.5th-7th: Tomb Sweeping Day, Apr.8th makes up for Friday’s classes. Apr.29th-May1st: International Labor Day, Apr.28th makes up for Monday’s classes. Jun.16th -18th: Dragon Boat Festival. Teachers should arrange all the classes left behind by the legal holidays.

    4.The summer holiday begins from Jul.16th.


    For International Students (Non-degree)Only


    This calendar is only for exchange students and language students.
    Degree students are subject to School’s arrangements.
    Some activities not mentioned here will be organized by the office regularly, including Chinese corner, International Culture Festival, Sep. talk, etc
    1. The Semester starts on Mar. 3rd, 2018 and ends on Jul. 5th, 2018.
    2. Holidays :
    ·Qingming Festival : Apr. 5st – 7th (Apr. 8th must cover Friday’s classes)
    ·International Labor Day: Apr. 29th – May. 1st (Apr. 28th must cover Monday’s classes)
    ·The Dragon Boat Festival: Jun. 16th – Jun. 18th
    3. Important Activity Schedule: